Wheelhouse Profile: Copywriter Jason Hoffman

849131645Jason Hoffman has been a copywriter for Wheelhouse Creative going on four years and is one of our core members of the team that we go to for all kinds of projects.  His talent and ingenuity help us take our trailers to another level.  We sat down with him to talk about everything that goes into the copywriting process along with some of his favorite trailers he’s worked on.

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From The Vault: Exiled (2007)

One of our favorite trailers from the vault is 2007’s EXILED Trailer — the Johnnie To action movie from Magnolia Pictures. We had been hearing such great things about To as some sort of Hong Kong action wizard – part Sergio Leone, part Michael Mann, part Tarantino.  We watched the film and it just was littered with amazing moments and crazy incredible action.  We just tried to make it look like an amazing epic action movie — as if it was the Hong Kong version of Heat.  We have awesome copy (written by our great copywriter Judd Bloch) that feels like it’s right out of a Leone movie (“AND THERE ARE SOME MEN THAT JUST CAN’T WALK AWAY”).  Rob and Jeremy took a moment to talk about why they love this trailer so much. Continue reading