Wheelhouse Profile: Garo Setian, Our Trashiest Editor

If you’re an active fan of movie trailers, you know that last week the nominations for this year’s Golden Trailer Awards were announced.  Next to the nominations for Captain America and Garo_GTAFrozen is our favorite category – Trashiest Trailer.

Our own Garo Setian is a seasoned trashy trailer editor, this year receiving his 7th nomination in the category with All Cheerleaders Die (above).  With over 230 trailer and TV spots under his belt and 17 Golden Trailer Award nominations, we wanted to pick his brain about what goes into creating his much loved trashy trailers.

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Nominations for the 2014 Golden Trailer Awards


Last week the nominations for the 2014 Golden Trailer Awards were released – and Wheelhouse Creative is proud to announce we’ve been nominated for the following three trailers:

The Great BeautyJanus Films, Best Foreign Drama Trailer
The Last of the Unjust, Cohen Media Group, Best Foreign Documentary Trailer
All Cheerleaders DieCelluloid Dreams, Trashiest Trailer

We want to thank everyone on the Wheelhouse team who worked on these titles for all of their hard work.  We’d also like to especially thank our wonderful clients – without them these trailers would never exist!

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with one of our editors about what goes into cutting trailers nominated in the “Trashiest Trailer” category later this week.

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Burt’s Buzz Trailer Review on /Film

/Film’s weekly column “This Week In Trailers” profiled our trailer for the FilmBuff documentary Burt’s Buzz and had some nice things to say about that familiar face and beard.  Read Christopher Stipp’s write up below:

I just felt calm watching this.

Director Jody Shapiro looks to have made a documentary that seems completely fascinating and utterly infused with a sense of good vibes. There is a sense of melancholy about Burt, a sadness almost, but the trailer feels like an old school, peppy VW bug that is being passed by far more modern pieces of automotive machinery. And they could care less. This guy Burt seems just tickled with where he is in life, even though he seems to display only one emotion, and the kind of fawning people make over his presence makes him the epitome of an unlikely celebrity. I’ve never used any of his products but I absolutely know that face and that beard. Why this looks like one of the most interesting documentaries I’ve seen this month baffles me but I do that this trailer is so evenly paced, scored and edited there isn’t any other answer to its request for your time other than to say yes, yes indeed.

Burt’s Buzz is available on in Theaters, on Demand and on iTunes.