From the Vault: Junebug (2005)

The trailer for Junebug, distributed by Sony Pictures Classics, is a Wheelhouse favorite featuring an intimate, perceptive American indie about a favorite son who returns to his family home in North Carolina.  The movie is most known as Amy Adams breakout performance, earning her first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Though Junebug was considered an indie sleeper at the time of it’s release it quickly had commercial success after a four-star review from Roger Ebert in which he praises Adams performance and the entire film as “a movie that understands, profoundly and with love and sadness, the world of small towns.” 

Read more after the break for Rob and Jeremy’s take on the movie, and the challenges of creating the trailer.

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From The Vault: American Hardcore (2006)

American Hardcore is a 2006 documentary released by Sony Pictures Classics based on the book “American Hardcore: A Tribal History” and chronicle’s the birth and evolution of hardcore punk rock from 1978 to 1986.

Paul Rachman directed this acclaimed documentary and is one of our favorite directors to work with.  American Hardcore goes back to Rachman’s music video roots (Bad Brains, The Replacements) and showcases his immense background and knowledge of the subject. Rachman has been an active player in the independent filmmaking world – writing, directing and producing innovative films, along with co-founding the popular film festival “Slamdance” in 1995.

We had the chance to pick Paul’s brain about the trailer creation process and his latest ventures.  Click below for the full interview.

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From The Vault: Exiled (2007)

One of our favorite trailers from the vault is 2007’s EXILED Trailer — the Johnnie To action movie from Magnolia Pictures. We had been hearing such great things about To as some sort of Hong Kong action wizard – part Sergio Leone, part Michael Mann, part Tarantino.  We watched the film and it just was littered with amazing moments and crazy incredible action.  We just tried to make it look like an amazing epic action movie — as if it was the Hong Kong version of Heat.  We have awesome copy (written by our great copywriter Judd Bloch) that feels like it’s right out of a Leone movie (“AND THERE ARE SOME MEN THAT JUST CAN’T WALK AWAY”).  Rob and Jeremy took a moment to talk about why they love this trailer so much. Continue reading