From The Vault: Exiled (2007)

One of our favorite trailers from the vault is 2007’s EXILED Trailer — the Johnnie To action movie from Magnolia Pictures. We had been hearing such great things about To as some sort of Hong Kong action wizard – part Sergio Leone, part Michael Mann, part Tarantino.  We watched the film and it just was littered with amazing moments and crazy incredible action.  We just tried to make it look like an amazing epic action movie — as if it was the Hong Kong version of Heat.  We have awesome copy (written by our great copywriter Judd Bloch) that feels like it’s right out of a Leone movie (“AND THERE ARE SOME MEN THAT JUST CAN’T WALK AWAY”).  Rob and Jeremy took a moment to talk about why they love this trailer so much.

Jeremy: The movie has so many quick incredible trailer “mini-moments” too. It’s like an inventory of those amazing little bits that can make a trailer awesome:  a guy shhhhh-ing, a close-up of a match flaring, a woman blowing out a candle, a camera flash, a drop of a bullet on the floor. a slap, and gun cocks, a million gun cocks!  We tried to use every one of these things to utmost effect in the trailer. Every music switch or stop is cued with some cool shot. Every graphic comes in using a cool moment.

Rob: This movie has amazing characters, fantastic slo-mo action scenes and crazy good cinematography – all great elements for a trailer – plus this might be the best (most) use of gun-cocks ever in a Wheelhouse trailer.

Jeremy: It was a cool opportunity to just swing for the fences as an editor. My favorite moment is a subtle one: about 90 seconds in, when the guy is on the floor and shoots his gun to the beat of the percussions.  I also love how we managed to get all those faces in the end climax. Makes it feel personal and not just a anonymous action.

Exiled is available on DVD and Amazon Instant.  Johnnie To’s more recent films Drug War and Vengeance are also available on Netflix.