June Spotlight: Featurette Round Up


This month we’re shining the spotlight on a few of our fantastic featurettes that premiered in June.  In the age of over-information it’s hard to get an audience’s attention with just a trailer.  More films are using featurettes as a way to double their marketing efforts, while creating engaging exclusive video content that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.  Check out a few of our recent featurettes after the break.


Our featurette for the Cohen Media Group film Le Chef is a classic sit down interview with lead actor Jean Reno, illustrated with excerpts from the film.  This featurette was shot by Wheelhouse Creative’s production team and then edited in house.  Le Chef follows a veteran chef (Jean Reno) facing off against his restaurant group’s new CEO and a younger chef (Michaël Youn).  Reno reveals both interesting details about the filming process as well as touching on some of the overall themes of the film.


The Obvious Child featurettes were shot by Wheelhouse at a few different locations.  We wanted these characters to seem like they were still in the environment of the film, so we shot at the comedy club featured in the movie – Trash Bar in Brooklyn.  In addition to shooting interviews with the cast and crew, we stuck around to shoot some behind the scenes for their poster photoshoot there as well.  We were able to capture so many fun moments, that in addition to our featurettes focusing on the story, we also made a behind the scenes featurette.  We wanted the audience to finish watching this and feel as if the actors were their old friends, which was one of the goals of the movie as well.

We loved working on an entire campaign of featurettes for Obvious Child.  In addition to this fun photoshoot one, we had a piece exclusive for Jezebel about the idea of “Taking Back the Rom Com,” and a more serious piece for Planned Parenthood tackling all of the sensitive issues that appear in the film.  Our last piece we created was an Obvious Child On Set video featuring co-stars Jenny Slate and Jake Lacy laughing while talking about what it was like shooting the restaurant scene in the film.


Shot and edited by Wheelhouse Creative, we paired critic Alison Bailes (More Magazine) with Chinese Puzzle director Cédric Klapisch and star Romain Duris.  Chinese Puzzle  is the third installment in the trilogy by Cédric Klapisch, proceeded by L’Auberge Espagnole and Russian Dolls.  The film follows a 40-year-old father who’s life is complicated when the mother of his two children moves to New York. Since he can’t bear them growing up far away from him, he decides to move there as well.  The movie balances so many themes and aspects of life, and we wanted all of that to shine through in the featurette.


The featurettes for The Rover were created out of footage shot on set during filming in Australia.  For The Rover, we created four featurettes, each on a different topic, which allowed the distributor A24 to spread their film far and wide.  Here we have the featurette focusing on the unique world of the movie, which is a desolate futuristic Australia 10 years after a global economic meltdown.  A24 created an interactive website to supplement the expansive world of the movie with a timeline of the collapse that’s referenced.  This type of  immersive experience into a film is the kind of work we live for!

Le Chef, Obvious Child, Chinese Puzzle and The Rover are all in theaters now.  For more featurettes on these films and others, please visit our featurettes page on our website.