Trailer Spotlight: Last Passenger

Last Passenger from Cohen Media Group is a mystery thriller centered on a runaway train and the passengers’ attempts to unravel what’s going on and escape in time to save their lives.  Check out a great review of the trailer from /Film after the jump.

“I’ll be gosh darned if this wasn’t just a treat to watch from start to finish. Yes, it gives a lot of the juicier bits away by flashing to the many money shots but, save that, what you have here is great in terms of establishing what’s at stake for these people, what the threat is, and keeping up the ambiguity about why in the hell this is happening in the first place. It may not be Travolta/Denzel or Snipes/Harrelson level train action but this trailer keeps you hooked from start to finish with a nice smooth polish on it all.” – Christopher Stipp, /Film

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 2.19.03 PM

When it comes to action trailers there’s always a balance between giving away too much and showing enough to keep the viewer engaged.  Here’s what our editor had to say about working on this trailer –

“This was a fun one. Hitchcock 101.  It had all of the elements:  Ordinary man caught in an extraordinary situation, among many suspicious characters who may or may not be a threat.  The filmmakers really move that camera around what could have been a very static flick in one setting.  Once I hooked into that set-up of the mystery hijacker, it became about playing up the visual flair of the film and keeping the main character’s dilemma in play while finding ways to elevate the stakes.”

Last Passenger is in theaters April 25th.