Wheelhouse Creative Behind the Scenes at The Juilliard Gala

 Dreams Come True: A Celebration of Juilliard Music

The Juilliard Gala

On Tuesday, April 29th, 2014, The Juilliard School held their bi-annual gala, a “celebration of Juilliard music,” with performances by distinguished alumni accompanied by the incredible appearances of harpsichordist, conductor, musicologist, and teacher William Christie and captivating soprano, Renée Fleming.  The Juilliard orchestra performed throughout the night led by accomplished conductor, Alan Gilbert.

What is even more exciting is the fact that Rob Lyons and Ze’ev Gilad of Wheelhouse Creative had the opportunity and the responsibility of running live video and animations behind The Juilliard Orchestra and company.

“Working with Juilliard for this year’s gala was so exciting for us, because unlike in years past when we had just produced and delivered a number of videos for the event – this year we were responsible for running the live video on stage for the whole performance and it allowed us to work more closely with the amazing Juilliard crew led by Tricia Ross, Kent McKay and guest lighting director Jim Ingalls to create projected animations that accompanied the performances of the Juilliard Orchestra and other performers.

It was a real thrill to see the whole show come together for this spectacular one night only event!”

– Rob Lyons, Executive Director of Wheelhouse Creative

A  distinguished performer and attendee of the Juilliard Pre-College Division, Tengku Irfan, 15, began piano lessons at the age of 7 and made his debut at the age of 11, where he performed Beethoven’s Piano Concerto in E-flat major with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. He is a double major in piano and composition as well as being a teaching artist intern for the New York Philharmonic Composer’s Bridge Program. He toured Vietnam in 2013 with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, won the 2012 ASCAP Charlotte Bergen Award and the ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award in 2012 and 2014. And of course, he has all of this and much more under his belt while still attending high school.

Wheelhouse Creative had the pleasure of interviewing Irfan and documenting his rehearsal for the Juilliard Gala.  Above is the video, shot and edited by Wheelhouse Creative, that played before Irfan’s performance.

2014-04-29 16.34.14In addition to profiling Irfan, Wheelhouse Creative also met with Charles Yang and Peter Dugan, a duo who met during their undergraduate years at Juilliard and teamed up as performers.  Charles plays violin, while Peter accompanies him on piano.  The two are known for their modern-classical arrangements of songs like “Blackbird” by The Beatles, which they performed at the Gala.  In this photo, you can also see the graphics Wheelhouse created projected on the screen behind them.  Appropriately, the graphics featured tree branches and songbirds.

The final video installment for the Juilliard Gala was the annual Alumni montage reel.  Wheelhouse Creative looks forward to creating this both inspiring and uplifting montage highlighting the successes of both old and new alumni from The Juilliard School for every gala.  Take a look at the final video above.

To the left, 2014-04-29 12.55.21Wheelhouse graphic animator Ze’ev Gilad strikes a pose backstage in front of one of his graphic background created to play during the show.

“Incorporating animated graphic backdrops into the event was a challenging project, but in the end we were able to make so many dynamic pieces, it really brought that extra wow-factor to the Gala and elevated the experience”

-Ze’ev Gilad

“Our entire team was able to work together to create something really amazing in the end.  Our two video profiles were shot and edited in house, and Ze’ev’s graphics really pulled the show together. We couldn’t be more proud of the way the event turned out!”

-Jeremy Workman, Wheelhouse Creative Director

The Wheelhouse Team looks forward to working with The Juilliard School on their next Gala.  For more information about Juilliard you can visit their website.  This blog post was written by Jaime Suare and Melissa Virzi.